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4 Facts About CCTV Surveillance

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The UK has around 20% of the world’s CCTV cameras

Apparently CCTV systems are more popular in this country than anywhere else in the world. We either take security seriously or Big Brother had a huge influence when it came out! An extensive network of approximately 1.85 M CCTV cameras watch over the UK, mostly run by private companies.

The average UK citizen is caught on CCTV cameras 70 times a day

Whether you are going to work by train, bus or simply walking the streets there will be surveillance cameras on most businesses, from coffee shops to bus stops.

Police gain access to the system at any time?

Police will need to follow the same GDPR conditions to review footage, therefore they need to make a request to view, then follow any access controls to enter the control room or viewing area - these may be more stringent with current COVID considerations. Working with the Police is essential, so sharing information that will assist in any wider investigations will have to meet the required legislation to ensure it can be used to secure convictions or any other action required to respond to an unlawful activity.

CRIME FALLS when the likelihood and consequences of GETTING CAUGHT RISE

CCTV can not only deter potential attacks, but can catch the perpetrator on video. Experts believe that as much as 67% of burglaries could be prevented if people had security cameras in their own homes.

Servis provide the best in CCTV & Access Control with the ability to use turnstile systems, thermal mapping, CCTV, access control and wireless video detection.

We also focus on 24 hour monitoring and surveillance service that protects your property. We also offer immediate response with a swift resolution to any on-site issues.

If your CCTV system is outdated or of poor quality, your investments will do very little to protect your assets. Burglars and thieves know this too, and are increasingly brazen when visible cameras are present. If you are in need of a new system to protect your premises, fill in the enquiry box.



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