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5 Crime prevention tips to protect your property this Christmas

Building Security

Burglaries are one of the most common crimes and, in many cases, are a result of opportunistic thieves gaining access through open or unlocked doors and windows. Good security measures are simple: install and use key-operated locks on doors and windows, don’t place keys under doormats or in obvious places.


To reduce thefts from vehicles, you should secure your parcels and gifts in the boot of your car when parked in public places and keep all valuables out of sight. Police recommend that you remove temptation by always locking doors and closing windows when your vehicle is unattended.


Regarding security of cash for businesses over the holiday period. With higher takings for bars and restaurants, ensure there is more than one staff member securing the premise late at night, cash is deposited at the bank regularly using variable routes and that deposit arrangements are only known to as few people as possible.

Crowded places

When shopping and in crowded places, carry your bag over your shoulder, ensure it is tucked under your arm and never leave your bag in the shopping trolley. If someone bumps into you, check to see if your valuables are still there. Be alert, especially in crowded spaces or when people invade your personal space.

Alcohol consumption

When you drink more alcohol than usual, you can lose your inhibitions and act out of character which, in itself, could present you with a dangerous situation. Keeping your wits about you will decrease the risk of crime.

If your properties are out of protect, burglars and thieves are increasingly brazen. Using Servis combination of security measures is the best way to deter them looking to profit from your sites, fill in the enquiry box.

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