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Corporate Security in London: Secure your Business?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Are you looking to secure your premises in London? Look no further!

With some of the world’s premier office buildings, hotels and attractions based in London, the majority of London premises benefit from a security solution to ensure that added value. This makes corporate security the ideal choice for any professional business. So if you’re considering a corporate security service in London, then this guide is definitely for you!

Getting security right has never been more important. A successful security strategy and framework, driven by leading professionals, should be agile, responsive and consistent with your organisation’s culture. It should follow a risk-based approach and act as a business enabler, supporting the organisation’s strategic objectives.

What Is Corporate Security?

Corporate Security offers specialized services to businesses such as offices and hotels. Different areas of security require different skills sets. Whilst all require a full SIA license, corporate security can involve additional skills, such as concierge service, customer service experience, and knowledge of reception duties.

This ultimately ensures that your building has experienced on-site professionals, as well as the additional capabilities and skills you need to run a professional and corporate environment.

By pairing security solutions with formal office, customer service and corporate skills, corporate security can prove to be a cost-effective option for your business in order to deliver maximum value for money on both security and your front-of-house duties.

Benefits of Corporate Security

1. Provide Great Customer Service

Servis Corporate security officers are well-versed in customer service skills and trained in multiple disciplines to interact within a professional environment as you expect. This ensures that your Servis Security staff are also trained in front-of-house etiquette and can provide a professional and courteous service to any visitors and customers at all time!

2. Monitor Access to Your Building

Whether you need Corporate security for an office, hotel, or other corporate settings, you’ll no doubt want to monitor those who enter your building, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access. Corporate security officers can monitor your reception or building entrance, overseeing everyone that enters your business and checking them in or out as required. Servis officers also have sufficient knowledge in the use and operation of access control, meaning that you no longer have to assist with unauthorised personnel, as Servis will be on hand.

3. First Impressions Create Lasting Memories

Within seconds visitors to your reception & premises will have seen and judged your operation, It needs to be slick, efficient, welcoming and professional, every minute of every day. Now we know how difficult it can be to ensure the rights calibre of staff is at the forefront of your operation day in day out. That why our operational team work day-in and day-out to tailor a specific solution to assist your business in its development goals and ensuring operation's run smoothly, efficiently and securely.

Creating the best possible impression of your business is absolutely essential. Every interaction counts, so you need the best people on your team. Servis corporate security officers have the training and experience needed to offer a professional service at your premises.

4. Offer Extra Front of House Duties

Your front-of-house can be a busy place, checking visitors in and out, answering phone calls and managing customer enquiries. When you hire corporate security, you can be sure that our officers are trained in multiple disciplines suited to your very environments from additional training in front-of-house duties, such as answering telephones and dealing with visitors and clients.

5. Greet Customers and Visitors

Hiring corporate security ensures that there’s always someone on hand to meet and greet your visitors. Indeed, a security officer guarding your reception or entrance area will often be the first person your customers see. Hiring corporate security will ensure there’s always a friendly and helpful security presence on your site.

How To Protect your London Business against Crime?

If you’re worried about the safety of your business, building or just need some extra precautionary measures this year, there are things you can do to help minimise risk and give you peace of mind!

As a professional security and facilities provider, we know all to well that quality is imperative when implementing any type of services, but essential when entrusting a security company. We always recommend hiring a professional security provider; the quality will be there, the operatives will have the correct qualifications and you can count on them to protect your business.

We can provide your premises with the following services:

Reception Cover

Concierge Duties

Overnight Patrols

Key Control

Access Control

Facility Assistance

Event Security

Personal Protection

Car Park Surveillance

& More...

We are here to provide advice but also a range of short-term & long-term solutions to help protect your business & assets. Simply visit our contact tab to talk with our team and to find out more about our services or to simply chat to someone who knows their stuff about protecting businesses just like yours fill in our Enquire Now box.




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