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Importance of The Servis Uniform

The Servis uniform is an essential component of being a security professional. It distinguishes a Servis professional from the general public as a person in a position of responsibility. It undoubtedly has visual benefits, but the true benefit of the Servis uniform extends much beyond its external appearance. In reality, the Servis uniform is crucial.

Benefits of the security Guards uniform:

1. Provides instant recognisability.

In an emergency, you don't want to have to search around for the correct person to notify. If a uniformed officer is present, the decision is made for you, and you recognise the person to warn right away.

2. Greater deterrence of crimes.

When a would-be criminal sees a guard in uniform on the premises, it serves as a significant deterrent to illegal activity. A plainclothes guard would not convey the same warning to two would-be troublemakers, and even if they were aware of the officer's presence, the officer would not have the same authoritative demeanor and would thus be less of a deterrent.

3. Creates a sense of pride and belonging for the officer

When a Servis guard wears the uniform, they feel proud of their appearance as well as their affiliation with our organisation that has a longstanding and solid image. Many guards particularly those who work at Servis, are delighted to be a member of the organization and proudly wear their uniform. It distinguishes them as members of an experienced professional team and as a person of responsibility that the public can confide in.

It is undeniable that the uniform gives numerous advantages, not only in terms of presentation, but also for logical and practical reasons. Servis protection services officers are always proud of their presentation and go above and beyond to maintain a high level of decorum. Please contact us if you want to learn more about how our security personnel may help you.



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