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Securing the UK largest distribution center

Distribution centers receive products from manufacturers or wholesalers, organise them, and ship them as rapidly as possible to their final destinations. To keep operations functioning as effectively as possible, inventory levels must be regularly monitored.

A distribution center is a warehouse or other specialised building, often with refrigeration, that is stocked with products to be redistributed to retail stores. A distribution center is the order processing component of the complete order fulfilment process. The name of the distribution center is generally dependent on the operation's purpose. A "regional distribution center (RDC)" for example, generally delivers goods to retail establishments.

During the pandemic, works on a new 1.2 million square foot warehouse began last year. When completed, it will be the largest RDC in the United Kingdom, as well as the company's largest RDC globally. When fully functioning, the RDC will service over 150 stores around London and the surrounding areas.

With this being such a valuable asset and being an important part of the company's infrastructure it is paramount that it is well protected and guarded to ensure the company’s overall success, Serviss is proud to take up the responsibility of safeguarding the premises and establishing a secure environment.

At Servis we are happy to provide the location with several security solutions inclusive of both NASDU certified dog handlers and highly trained SIA licensed guards, this paired with our revolutionary technology and efficient control room, fortifies the premises and ensures safety and security at all times.



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