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THEFT in Construction

Construction sites continue to be targeted by criminals who recognise the financial value of plant machinery and equipment

There were 28,338 tool thefts reported across London between January 2019 and May 2021, collated by London plant hire specialist Herts Tools. That's about 32 incidents a day.

Almost £58k of tools were stolen every day in 2021, according to data from the Metropolitan Police.

Hand tools and small power tools are often targets of opportunity for quick resale.

In addition to the unfavourable financial impact, tool theft triggers mental health issues and stress for builders.

The most simple and effective way for preventing tool theft is appointing some guards to track tool usage and inventory. This lets people on the job site know that guards are paying attention.

Installing an affordable CCTV system is a further option.

Tools also can be registered with serial numbers, barcodes or microchips on an online database for inventory management, which allowing people to check them in and out for use each day. It could become part of a supervisor’s duties to monitor tool use.

Builders should also check their insurance policies to see what they have covered.

If your construction site is out of protect, the most obvious consequence of theft is the cost of replacing the equipment. Burglars and thieves are increasingly brazen. Using Servis combination of security measures is the best way to deter them looking to profit from your sites, fill in the enquiry box.



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