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Tips for staying cool in the hot weather

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Are you excited for summer? We all enjoy getting a tan, meanwhile we have to be aware the heat-related illness can occur. With extreme hot spells arriving in the UK, you must be ready to recognise and manage the risks. Especially when working outside, the dangers of working outside during the hot weather only increases. It’s essential that you follow safety precautions and procedures to avoid illness in the heat! So we have put together a brief guide!

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids! Always have water on hand when in the heat. When you are working in the heat, we recommend drinking a litre of water over an hour, which equates to one cup every 15 minutes. Other fluids like soda or coffee can potentially cause dehydration, so it's best to stick with water when working in hot weather. Your water intake also helps sweat production which helps you maintain your average body temperature.

Dress light

Depending on your outdoor work, lightweight, light-coloured and loose-fitting clothing helps protect against heat. Change clothing if it gets completely saturated. Wear a hat to avoid the direct sunlight from the top. Outdoor workers are required to wear certain gear for protection. And while light clothing can protect against heat illness, only wear these items if they will not create a hazard in your workplace.

Schedule frequent breaks

It’s important that you take time to rest and get out of the hot weather. Take time for rest periods and water breaks in a shaded or air conditioned area or block out the sun if possible. Setting timers prevents you from losing track of time and spending too much time in the heat without water, food or shade breaks.

Monitor the weather

When you are working outside, or you manage workers who will be outside, make sure you monitor the weather and heat index. Being aware of the conditions of the day allows you to best prepare for the heat. Use a towel to wipe your face or put it around your neck. Use sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn.

At Servis, we care much about our employees and clients. Enjoy the sun but safe!


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