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What Is QR-Patrol?

QR-Patrol is a real-time online guard tour system based on QR-code tags. The Servis Guards scan tags placed on locations and the Monitoring Control Center gets informed in real-time about incidents and events. Any time a QR-code is scanned, the information is sent to the QR-Patrol Web application server giving Servis guards immediate control on buildings and locations all over the Nation.

Each Servis guard conducting a patrol tour is armed with this unique and vital technology. Servis guards can manage all their work via a smartphone and complete guard patrol tours in total control of occurring incidents. Inspections and guard tours are enhanced with ease of communication and reliable technological advancements. In addition, the Servis security staff can immediately inform the Control Center Managers who are responsible for monitoring all sites and locations.

All kinds of assets and buildings, ranging from departments, locations, warehouses to Construction sites, stores and remote areas can be set under total control as facility managers and control room staff handle streamlined information for any client from any location at the press of a button.

Here at Servis we take lone working extremely seriously. QR Patrol not only generates real time data that we pass on to our clients for their peace of mind, but it also enables us to keep a close eye on the well being of our staff and ensure their welfare is our priority.

We provide QR patrol alongside all our services. This is one of the components that sets us apart and gives you the Servis you deserve.

To find out more about our range of services and QR Patrol, contact one of our sales associates today!



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