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A New Way Of Patrol Monitoring: QR Patrol

Managing our security staff from everywhere!

Exciting Partnership!

Servis have partnered with QR Patrol, the Number 1 Guard Tour Management System on the market! We are always looking to improve our service and limit our clients liabilities. Our new integrated guard tour management system offers our clients the following

  • Live Incident Reporting

  • Monitoring Tools

  • Geolocation

  • Scheduling

  • Mobile Management

  • Push to Talk

  • Man Down Alert

  • API Access

  • Guard Trail & more

Servis are now in partnership with Terracom, using their QR-Patrol system to manage our security personell, by minimising worktime and increasing efficiency, so we are the most efficient provider on the market today. Furthermore, Servis is ranging from setup to ongoing management and support. Servis provides revolutionary equipment and installs a complete range of valuable, liability and functional electronic security solutions.

Here we can show you how the QR-Patrol system works!

Scan QR-Code checkpoints: QR-Patrol is the system incorporating Internet with all Things technology.

Better security guard tracking: Monitor guards' GPS location, schedule patrols and check for missed checkpoints scan.

Real-Time Incident Reporting: Totally remote guard tour management through real-time and push notifications exploiting cloud technology.

Increased security staff protection: Protect our guards through Man Down Alerts, SOS buttons and automated push notifications.

Servis are here to provide security solutions to help protect your business and most importantly, deliver an effective service for all. Visit our contact tab to talk with our team and to find out more about our services or just simply fill in our Enquire Now box.



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