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OUR PROJECTS: Westminster City Council

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Westminster City Council is the local authority for the City of Westminster in Greater London, England. It is a London borough council and is entitled to be known as a city council, which is a rare distinction in the United Kingdom.

How Servis supported Westminster City Council?

We were initially recommended by a current client who had multiple properties within Westminster and surrounding areas. Servis were appointed to secure properties within Westminster due to antisocial behavior and an increase in homelessness. The client wanted to crack down on drug/substance abuse, damages to the buildings/property, homelessness and more.

The Challenge

To fully recognize the importance of a community integrated and comprehensive security service to our client was critical. We were posed with the challenge on drug/substance abuse, damages to the buildings/property, homelessness and more.

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The Servis Solution

As the location become fully operational the need for a security presence became more and more important. A full-time security setup of two officers during the day was still not addressing the needs of the client. The client wanted a front of house service which complimented the company and also did not compromise security in any way. The security officers would need to perform security checks on all visitors and staff and also make sure that building checks were completed on a regular basis. The service needed to be flexible with out of hours and rapid response.

The Response

We have worked hand in hand with both the council and Police force tackling the issue and ensuring the community feel safe. We believe that this contract demonstrates our performance, honesty, dependability, and company values in delivering an optimum, value-for-money security service that is flexible, interfaces with our client’s needs and operates within exacting standard.




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