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Servis is proud to support and provide first class facilities services to one of the largest retailer chain food distribution centres in Europe.

Why is Servis the chosen security provider?

In the case of this customer, due to the nature of its operation and the magnitude of the site the security solution needed to be carefully thought out and support a ‘safety first’ approach. The dynamic solution put in place carefully considered the customers’ specific needs. The team at Servis understands that every business has different needs, and this is why each customer is treated as a unique case, and the optimal security and facilities solution is uncovered by analysing each business’s challenges and goals.

The Challenge

After facing multiple challenges with the client reached out to Servis in November of 2022, whilst on the search for a new service provider better suited to delivering a multitude of services under one hub.

After sitting down with the team, given the nature of the operation, safety, logistics and security where closely linked. With this in mind, the customer tasked Servis with the delivery of a variety of services including:

  • The management of a specialist safety incident response team for first aid, fire safety and environmental emergencies.

  • Delivery of a security guarding service internally.

  • External Traffic management and K9 Permitter support.

  • Logistic support and employee coordination.

In addition, Servis were asked to mobilise the contract in a demanding 10-day period


After understanding the needs, the Goals in the case of this project Servis identified some clear objectives:

  • Creation of a specialist incident response team - To provide fire and emergency assistance

  • Real time alarm monitoring

  • Provide clear and transparent traffic control and management

  • External security checks and permit recognition

The Servis Solution

The key components of the Servis solution were made up of the following:

Dedicated First Response & Security Team

Servis are the first line of defence for all medical, environmental, fire-related incidents, security concerns or emergencies for the entire Distribution. Their role includes:

  • First Response Emergency Care

  • Confined space incident response and rescue.

Front of House Services

The customer places huge value on customer service and security trained Servis employees to provide concierge services to ensure that customers and contractors receive the welcome that you would expect.

Traffic Management and Logistic Action Plan

With the sheer magnitude of the Distribution Centre, the deliveries, employees, contractors and visitors are in the thousands. Servis implemented a traffic management system inclusive of our in house ANPR system and recognition. Servis carefully mange all logistical aspects and delivery tiers.

Control Room Operations

Servis operates an onsite control room that coordinates with our dedicated first responders, to manage any alarm activations, hazards spotted by employees, guards or CCTV.


The success of our mobilisation plan was clearly evident. Operationally, we were delighted when the team delivered 100% performance for all contract KPIs. Further audits have subsequently referenced our outstanding risk management controls and positive close working relationship with the customer.


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