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Thinking About Securing Your Business this Christmas?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Crime Doubles In December!

Although Christmas can be an exciting time, its no secret that crime often spikes during the Christmas period, with criminals taking advantage of everything from unoccupied buildings to crowded retail stores. According to research commissioned by Verisure, the amount of burglaries double between the months of November & December.

Whilst most homeowners stay home for the Christmas festivities, an increase in business, property and construction crime sky rockets or slay rockets? Meaning that for many they are left bringing in the new year with a hefty insurance mess. Criminals take advantage of long nights, quieter buildings, or busier periods to strike your property, assets or even employees

How to protect your Property, Business, Assets & People?

If you’re worried about the safety of your business, building or just need some extra precautionary measures this year, there are things you can do to help minimise risk and give you peace of mind!

As a professional security and facilities provider, we know all to well that quality is imperative when implementing any type of services, but essential when entrusting a security company. We always recommend hiring a professional security provider; the quality will be there, the guards will have the correct qualifications and you can count on them to protect your business.

When it comes to the type of security service, there’s a wide range of security solutions and measures on offer. From security officers and canine security to CCTV and alarm response solutions, there’s truly something out there to suit every business type.

It’s safe to say that the Christmas period is one of the busiest times of year for the retail sector. It may be great being so busy but the crowds can also make it harder to monitor your store for shoplifters and thieves!

Servis Suggestions: If you’re looking to protect your retail business from shoplifting, crowd control and theft, there are things you can do to protect your store. Hiring professional Retail Security Officers to monitor your store is an effective way to protect your business, staff, shoppers and stock. This will ensure that there’s professional security on hand to deal with all instances of shoplifting and that your employees can get on with their job- without having to keep an eye out for shoplifters.


Pubs, bars, and restaurants all experience a boom during the festive period; people want to hit the town and celebrate. Christmas time can be a profitable time for the sector but rowdy behaviour can make life hard for hospitality staff. There’s also recently been a concerning increase in spiking at places like bars, pubs and clubs, which leave patrons vulnerable to crime.

Servis Suggestions: For hospitality businesses looking to protect staff and patrons from crime, hiring additional door supervision security could be the best option. Door supervisor licensed security officers can help control access to your establishment, checking IDs, bags or tickets and ensuring that any aggressive or dangerous behaviour is dealt with appropriately.


The construction industry, in particular, is one which is forever falling prey to crime. construction sites are open and vulnerable areas which are presenting thieves and other criminals with tempting targets. Theft of construction equipment and machinery costs the construction industry over £800 million a year. This is more than petty theft: there is a thriving, well-equipped market for constructions goods. Luckily, such theft can be deterred or prevented if you hire a bespoke security service to ensure a smooth shutdown into the New Year. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make sure your construction site is secure for Christmas.

Servis Suggestions: The security you’ll need will no doubt depend on the progress, size and perimeter of your site. Most sites will benefit and require on-site security officers to ensure everything runs smoothly, monitoring the site perimeter with frequent patrols and inspections. A visible deterrent is an ideal construction site security solution. Larger sites could benefit from mobile patrols, canine teams, and the installation of temporary CCTV cameras which can help you monitor vast areas effectively. Security dogs are particularly helpful at making themselves known and ensuring your site is secure.

Transport Hubs

As most Christmas movies show, everyone is always trying to get home for the Christmas Holidays! Whether you're like Chris Rea and your driving home or your using alternative transport hubs, travelling is always an essential for most around the holidays. Airports and train stations certainly experience a festive rush, with people travelling on a Christmas getaway or to see friends and family for the holidays. Yet crime at transport hubs can also be an issue. Delays or disruption can result in unhappy travelers. Transport hubs also have to be vigilant for terrorism or drug smuggling, keeping a watchful eye out for any suspicious behaviour.

Servis Suggestions: To help manage the higher passenger rate over the holiday season, your transport hub may need to consider increasing the on-site security presence. You’ll no doubt already have numerous security measures in place but increasing professional on-site security guards, officers and canine units can assist with the extra Hussle and bustle of the festive season.

Vacant Buildings

While the festive period is a busier time for some businesses, for others, many take some time with their family's and enjoy the season off! Many office employees decide to take time off around the holidays and due to the bank holidays many businesses opt for skeleton staff. This can mean that many building are quieter than usual or even left vacant for days, increasing the risk of crimes like burglaries and vandalism.

Servis Suggestions: If you’re looking to protect your business during the festive period, implementing the appropriate security measures is a must. For larger office buildings, on-site security officers could be the ideal solution to protect your business and prevent break-ins. All our security officers are supported by our mobile patrol supervisors who visits our security personnel on site. For smaller businesses, our alarm response service could do just the trick, ensuring there’s always professional security staff on hand to investigate any and all alarm triggers.

Are You Looking to Protect Your Business This Christmas?

We are here to provide advice but also a range of short-term & long-term security solutions to help protect your business & assets this festive season and well into 2022. Simply visit our contact tab to talk with our team and to find out more about our services or to simply chat to someone who knows their stuff about protecting businesses just like yours fill in our Enquire Now box.




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