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SIA Security Guarding

We deliver and manage highly complex, integrated fire and security system solutions. Our innovative, technology-based approach and end-to-end managed services provide a comprehensive view of security in any environment.

We use integrated, risk-based security solutions to fit your needs, such as: long worker protection, guarding, fire and security systems, mobile security and more. The use of intelligence and technology ensures effective and efficient use of your resources, delivering the best results for your security solution.

We know the best way to create safe and secure environments is by combining the deep expertise of our people with the power of our systems, deploying the best technology. Translating data into meaningful insights gives our people actionable intelligence to deliver effective security solutions.

We have specialist knowledge, technology and processes, all compliant to Security Industry Authority Standards (SIA), to safeguard your working environment and personnel. Our risk audit will deliver a solution that protects your people, business and assets.

A fire watch service is a safety measure designed to ensure your premises are properly protected from the threat of fire taking place. A “fire watch” is a person who is responsible for monitoring fire risks, looking out for fire and ensuring fire safety best practice is adhered to throughout your premises. Our experienced, qualified fire watch marshals will become intimately familiar with your buildings or premises, will eliminate fire risks and will ensure complete fire safety compliance.

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