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Watkin Jones

Servis were recognized on their ability to provide multiple staffing solutions to Watkin Jones at their Canterbury Student Accommodation Development. Our expertise in security, facilities and staffing solutions provided Watkin Jones with the confidence to implement Servis as their long term service provider, sourcing all their requirements under one hub.

Watkin Jones approached Servis when their initial concern for project security arose. The project was located in the City of Canterbury, which is home to 2 Major Universities, leading colleges and 160 + Schools and Educational Facilities. As the project was situated at the edge of a main road, concerns came when the project was targeted for a suspected site theft attempt.

A meeting was held to discuss a Security Implementation Plan. Watkin Jones were thrilled with our strategy & approach, and we implemented around-the-clock security personnel as well as CPCS Slinger Operatives working during the day. We successfully saw the project to a close and during our service delivery on site there were no attempted break-ins.

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