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Read about some of our most frequently asked questions. Don't see the question you have? Be sure to reach out to us directly and we can do our best to help! 

Q1. Realistically, how quickly can you have a Security Guard at the location I need?

If it is within the areas that we operate, then within two hours of the call. If the site is rural or outside the area, then travelling time would need to be factored in.

Q2. What is the training and vetting process for your Security Guards?

All Security Guards have to have completed SIA Approved training and be issued with an SIA Badge before they can apply to be a Servis Security Guard. When they apply their application is background checked to the BS 7858:2019 standard.

Q3. I do not know how long I will need the Security Guard, how flexible can you be?

Servis fully understands that flexibility is key and that if you hired a Security Guard for 8 hours we appreciate that this could go to 10 or 12 hours depending on circumstances and we could accommodate this. 

Q4. What guarantee do we have that someone will actually turn up?

It is in everyone’s interest that we deliver a high quality service at all times.  All Servis Security Guards have a proven track record in being punctual and professional, and Servis Security have a ZERO no show record.

Q5. What parts of the UK can we cover?

With enough notice we cover most of the UK except parts of rural Scotland and the isles. Realistically our strength lines in London and Home Counties, East Midlands – West Midlands – North East – North West – Yorkshire. 

Q6. What does a Security Guard cost?

Our rates are constructed taking into consideration your requirements, we conduct a site survey and a risk assessment, the results are put into a report that details how to minimise risk and improve security and safety.  Quoting before those fundamental steps have been carried out would be just guess work.

Q7. How are your Security Guards monitored?

The site has RFID tags installed around the perimeter and in key areas, and as the Security Guard conducts his patrol he swipes these tags and the details of time and who swiped the tag are immediately uploaded to the control room, which operates 24/7.  This information is available to you, the customer, in real time.

In addition hourly check calls are made; this is to ensure lone worker safety if only one Security Guard on site, also these are made to rural locations even if there are two or more guards.

From the management side, both random and regular site visits are made to ensure Health and Safety is compiled to and that the quality of work is maintained.

Q8. What does SIA – Construction Line – Safe Contractor – BS 7858 mean?

You have to love jargon! We have briefly touched on SIA and BS 7858:2019, to summarise these are bodies / accreditations that are there to help you the customer choose the best service for your requirements as all the fiddly, time consuming parts have been taken care of. 

Q9. What type and level of insurance do you hold?

Servis holds Fully Comprehensive insurance for £5m Public Liability and £10m Employer’s Liability.  Details are available upon request.

If you as a customer require enhanced cover, this can be arranged.

Q10. What organisations have you worked for?

Servis has provided security services to construction companies, corporate businesses, retail stores, community centres and local charities across the UK. 

We have worked with SME’s to large Blue Chip organisations across the UK.  

Q11. Do I or my company need to provide anything?

In an ideal world the company contracting the Security Guard would provide the welfare utility.  This is a place or a unit (depending on site) where the guards have shelter and access to water, electricity and sanitation.


If this is not provided by the principal contractor, then Servis would make the provision and that would be reflected in the quote.

Q12. Do the Data Protection Act and Privacy Policy apply to Security Guarding?

Very much so, and is as key to being looked upon as a reliable and trustworthy contractor.  We are registered through ICO.

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