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Why is K9 security important?

Why is K9 security important?

When it comes to security, there are numerous options available today. The enormous amount of technological advancement in the security world can be quite overwhelming, but what about the more traditional options?

The presence of a security dog reduces the risk to security guards when dealing with security incidents involving multiple offenders. Security dogs' superior senses can be used to detect distress, identify perpetrators, and reinforce professional security guards' instructions.

Dogs have been and will continue to be a failsafe option for security for a long time. They can be a far more personable choice of security alarm or alert, and they can provide their owners with a variety of health and wellness benefits.

There is no denying a dog's ability to react quickly, which can be especially useful if they are working dogs in the security field, especially if the right type of dog is chosen. While all dogs are known to have quick reactions such as barking or snooping to see who is around, certain breeds are well-known for their protective qualities.

These dogs have the potential to be security alarms, but with the added benefit of fur. A dog's natural curiosity means that any strangers, unusual noises, or movements will be sniffed out and, if necessary, barked at. The right breed can be extremely dependable and intelligent enough to properly assess situations.

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures. They can pick up on our voices and body language to translate a situation or emotion, and they become even more capable when properly trained.

They put this ability to good use and can detect when something isn't quite right, whether with a person or a situation. Dogs can detect danger, and the breeds that are chosen to be security dogs aren’t afraid to do something about it.

The National Association of Security Dog Users

NASDU, which was founded in 1996, promotes standards, training, and education in the private security dog sector and provides assistance and guidance to both members and end customers.

The NASDU dog handler certification covers the knowledge and skills needed to work as a Security Dog Handler. NASDU sets the standard to be a professional dog handler and how to look after, guide and utilise the skills of a trained dog.

ALL Servis dogs are NASDU Certified.



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