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Train Strikes – Protecting your sites

5 Servis Solutions To Safeguard Your Site During The Industrial Train Strikes!

Here is our 5 Step Guide to assist in securing your premises should it be left unoccupied during strike season.

1. CCTV Cameras

According to the police, most burglars (84%) avoid premises with visible CCTV systems.

2. Keep Your Access Points Secure.

Having a vehicle parked on your drive gives the impression that someone is around! If you have a vehicle that isn’t in use, park it by the entrance, this will inform opportunists that someone is present!

3. Take Your Valuables Home or Keep Them in a Safe or Secret compartment.

We always recommending removing any valuables from site when left unoccupied. Burglars are mainly after items which they can often find and grab quickly. Ensure all your valuable which are quick and easy to grab are secured or removed from your premises. Thefts are more likely to take place if valuables are visible! In most burglaries, it’s often because people have left tools in view. Keeping these things out of sight will give burglars fewer reasons break into your site - The same goes for ladders – always put them away after using them!

4. Don’t Leave Keys or Electric Fobs On Site

It’s easy to forget the simplest things. Don’t leave your keys in the lock or hanging on a hook near the entrance or in what you might think is a safe hiding place outside - A key safe could help!

5. Leave Your Lights or Radio on!

You can consider putting lights and items like radio and televisions on a timer switch, so they’ll turn on and off during the night, this is a quick and simple deterrent. Most theft's take place when its dark!

With these simple security steps, you can have some added peace of mind.

To find out more about how to protect your premises, fill in the enquiry box!



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